About the Blog

HERE at the Delaware Historical Society we have a very serious vault. Back in the early 1970s, when space ran short on our Wilmington campus, we moved our reading room and archival collections into a neighboring bank building. The old bank vault in the basement stayed intact through the renovations, and we’ve been keeping some of our rarest manuscripts inside it ever since.

We launched this blog and its companion Instagram (@delawarehistoryvault) because it’s time more of those things came out to play—along with our millions of other documents, objects, and images. And you don’t have to be a Delawarean to follow us. Whether you’re sitting at home in Wilmington or Lewes, procrastinating at your desk in Philly, or watching your kombucha ferment in Brooklyn or Detroit, you can find something here that will enrich your day. You can even sign up below to have new posts delivered straight to your inbox.

The Vault isn’t isn’t for showing off the rocking chair that, as Emily Gilmore put it, “may or may not have been Benjamin Franklin’s barber’s cousin’s proctologist’s.” As the project unfolds, we’ll be tackling some of today’s toughest social issues, digesting the latest trends in historical scholarship, and giving you an unprecedented look at what our curators and librarians do behind the scenes. Each of us has our own interests and expertise, and over time you’ll get to know us all—and some of our friends too.